Platonic love

I recently re-discovered my love for crafting and this time I am deciding to do it for a living. Yes, you heard that right. I am quitting my daytime job to work from home and do handmade goods for people to enjoy.

Two years ago I started doing handmade fabric bows and headbands for little girls and women who liked what I did. It was all going well until I stopped producing because of a life event that I’ll save for another post. It was one of those heart-breaking moments and it just took away any inspiration I had. So I went back to work on a temporary contract while I decided what to do with my small business. And now I am in the journey of re-starting the business and decided to start this blog to share some of the things that I make (papercraft-related).

A little about me:

I am a bilinguial gal, lover of all things handmade who is married and with¬†an almost 6-month old baby who I adore and love like crazy. He is one of the reasons I want to do this for. So sometimes my posts might be in spanish and other times I will post in English, not to confuse anybody but just because that’s who I am lol. I’ll try to do both as much as possible though. Pinky swear ūüėČ I have always enjoyed doing crafty things and even have a platonic love for coloring and papercrafting. I live in Nicaragua, Central America (no it’s not in the continental US). I am talking about the Central America where Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama are (to name a few countries). My country is considered a third-world country but I really think that is changing. I also believe that we have the most amazing beaches and landscapes there are.

I recently fell in love with cardmaking, it was like love at first sight and one of those “so-glad-I-found-you” moments in my life. So I’ll be sharing some of the cards I make for you to be inspired to make your own. I buy most of my supplies from US stores because I like their designs and also make some of my own because, let’s be honest, there aren’t many spanish stamps out there. And most of my cards are going to go to spanish-speaking homes. I would like to not just create cards because of the business part though. I really want to transmit the love for handmade gifts and how special these things are because they are made with love. I love supporting local crafters and stores who offer products that are handmade because it is an art that people put time into. It’s not just some machine mass producing something. I try to make¬†a¬†few of one thing because of that reason too.

So there you have it. I am only here and on instagram for now as Crafty Charlie. My name is actually Karla (had I not mention that? jaja I’m sorry), but my dad’s nickname for me is Charlie, ¬†so there’s that.

Thank you for reading this and if you have any ideas for me or recommendations I would appreciate them.

Have a great day!