Heat wave day 2 

Oh man, where to start? I have probably never felt more challenged in my life. Let’s just stick to “trial and error” and the process in between. I made two cards for this lesson’s homework. One doing an emboss resist technique and the other doing the multicolor powder background with a stencil. And can I just say I almost ruined my stencil because I was going to emboss on it? haha I hope it happens to the best of crafters out there. If not, I am doomed. 

The emboss resist was probably the hardest. I have yet to take a watercolor class because I just went blank and started adding colors as I went. I really thought about throwing it away but I kept going. Good thing these are my trial cards…

So that’s my first. That center piece was something a I had to come up with because I don’t have any dies nor stamps for nice sentiments, yet. I know you can see the stroke from the blending tool when I applied the ink but the panel was already there and then I thought it was kind of a cool effect so I decided to leave it there. 

The next one was probably one of my favorites (minus the fact that I almost burned my stencil jaja)

I used the different colors of embossing powder I had. I gotta say these powders may not be the best to use. They take a little longer to melt than the liquid platinum from Ranger. But overall I like the technique. Oh and I also got some powder on my versamark pad *insert embarrassed emoji* 

So those are my two cards for day 2 of the Heat Wave class. Please tell me someone out there has gone through similar things? Or am I alone in this? 

Until next time!


2 thoughts on “Heat wave day 2 

  1. Camilla says:

    It’s looking good 🙂 and you are right …. practise makes perfect 😉 I think the classes from onlinecardclasses is very good – so many tips and i learn a lot 🙂 so just hang in there 😉 the second card looks realy good 🙂


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