My first crafty haul


So there was one thing that always caught my eye in the crafting world and that was and still is “Foiling”. Of course I didn’t know there was an actual term for it, but I did love the metallic look of it and the awesome things you can do with it. So I went ahead and researched all about foiling and one wonderful afternoon, I came across one of the most awesome tool for foiling, that is of course the Minc Machine. So I had to have one. But beyond owning a Minc, I started watching videos on how to use and such and came across Heidi Swapp’s videos and I remember thinking she was really cool. I love how creative she is and how she comes up with these great products for us crafty nerds. Therefore, I went ahead and bought my Minc Machine. I got the full size because I not only wanted to cards but I also want to do foiled prints in the future for home/office decor. That’s not something we have available so easy in my country so I want to be able to have that option for other people who appreciate that kind of stuff. But I just couldn’t stop at the Minc, and that’s why I decided to make this, my first crafty haul post. 

Here’s what I bought on this haul: 

Let it be noted that I also own a full size Minc Machine and some color shine, because well, I just couldn’t resist not buying some:

The glitter just came as an added bonus lol (I’m a glitter addict so I just couldn’t help myself). I have been anxiously waiting for the time to craft using these. And now I’ll be sharing what I make here so maybe you’ll be inspired too.  

I gotta say Heidi is one of the people I look after in the industry. She’s like a female version of Tim Holtz ha! 

Anyway, there’s that. I went a little crazy with all things Minc and foil but then again, can you blame me? lol

You can find more of Heidi Swapp’s products on her website

Have a great day!


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