Heat wave day 3 

Last day was really good. I still have to try other techniques from that but for now, here’s the card I made using the iron-off technique:

I actually used a light yellow powder instead of white then water colored it and did the iron off technique.  Then I heat embossed the sentiment and mixed up two of my embossing powders to come up with a different look for it. I gotta say I like the outcome even though it can be improved. I definitely want to take the watercolor class now. 

By the way the water coloring on here was done with distress inks because it’s what I have at the moment. But I’m looking forward to getting some new water colors to use. 

Like I said, I wanted to try other techniques but I couldn’t find the time to make more. 

So there you have another day in my journey of becoming a card maker. I have no experience whatsoever making handmade cards. These are the first cards I have ever made. So than you for bearing with my cards. And hey practice makes perfect right? 

‘Til next time!

Oh and Ps. I promise to take better quality pictures next time. 

Heat wave day 2 

Oh man, where to start? I have probably never felt more challenged in my life. Let’s just stick to “trial and error” and the process in between. I made two cards for this lesson’s homework. One doing an emboss resist technique and the other doing the multicolor powder background with a stencil. And can I just say I almost ruined my stencil because I was going to emboss on it? haha I hope it happens to the best of crafters out there. If not, I am doomed. 

The emboss resist was probably the hardest. I have yet to take a watercolor class because I just went blank and started adding colors as I went. I really thought about throwing it away but I kept going. Good thing these are my trial cards…

So that’s my first. That center piece was something a I had to come up with because I don’t have any dies nor stamps for nice sentiments, yet. I know you can see the stroke from the blending tool when I applied the ink but the panel was already there and then I thought it was kind of a cool effect so I decided to leave it there. 

The next one was probably one of my favorites (minus the fact that I almost burned my stencil jaja)

I used the different colors of embossing powder I had. I gotta say these powders may not be the best to use. They take a little longer to melt than the liquid platinum from Ranger. But overall I like the technique. Oh and I also got some powder on my versamark pad *insert embarrassed emoji* 

So those are my two cards for day 2 of the Heat Wave class. Please tell me someone out there has gone through similar things? Or am I alone in this? 

Until next time!

First handmade card, day 1 of Heat Wave

As I had shared before, I signed up for an online card class over at www.onlinecardclasses.com to learn about heat embossing. Well, here are two cards for my first day’s homework. On the first one I just did some simple stamping and heat embossed a frame and then a sentiment. I gotta say that it sort of looks easier than it is to make, but then again I don’t have all my supplies yet so I kinda did what I could with what I had. I am looking forward to getting the supplies I have ordered from different sources like Ellen Hutson (www.ellenhutson.com) and Simon Says Stamp (www.simonsaysstamp.com). Being an international customer, I have found that both of these stores are customer friendly and won’t block my orders because of a fraud alert or something. I have also ordered from scrapbook.com and have had no problem with them either. 

Anyway, getting back to how I made these cards, I figured I would use the patterned paper I have but turns out I messed up both first attempts ja! I kept telling myself that it was all about trial and error. Otherwise I would have gone crazy. All in all I was able to make two cards, one using a simple heat embossing technique and the other using heat embossing on velum to apply two of the techniques that Kristina, Jennifer and Yana shared with us on the first day of class. 

I initially wanted to make a background with the patterned paper that I made the banner with, but I also don’t have too many inks and the one ink I used was very similar to the greenish color of the paper so it looked really bad. That’s why I had to start all over and opted to make a different background. The sentiment doesn’t quite look the way I wanted it but it was my first card ever so I just went with it. Here’s the second card: 

I really like the floral paper and the combination with the liquid platinum powder from Ranger. I wanted to add some embellishments to cover the glue I used to stick the velum panel on to the card. I tried some tape but it didn’t look good so I stuck to enamel dots. I think the sentiment really combined with the whole feel of the card though. I might like this one better than the first. 

So there you have it. A little of what I went through using the minimal supplies I have to make two cards. I made a lot of mistakes but learned from it. 

Until next time, 


My first crafty haul


So there was one thing that always caught my eye in the crafting world and that was and still is “Foiling”. Of course I didn’t know there was an actual term for it, but I did love the metallic look of it and the awesome things you can do with it. So I went ahead and researched all about foiling and one wonderful afternoon, I came across one of the most awesome tool for foiling, that is of course the Minc Machine. So I had to have one. But beyond owning a Minc, I started watching videos on how to use and such and came across Heidi Swapp’s videos and I remember thinking she was really cool. I love how creative she is and how she comes up with these great products for us crafty nerds. Therefore, I went ahead and bought my Minc Machine. I got the full size because I not only wanted to cards but I also want to do foiled prints in the future for home/office decor. That’s not something we have available so easy in my country so I want to be able to have that option for other people who appreciate that kind of stuff. But I just couldn’t stop at the Minc, and that’s why I decided to make this, my first crafty haul post. 

Here’s what I bought on this haul: 

Let it be noted that I also own a full size Minc Machine and some color shine, because well, I just couldn’t resist not buying some:

The glitter just came as an added bonus lol (I’m a glitter addict so I just couldn’t help myself). I have been anxiously waiting for the time to craft using these. And now I’ll be sharing what I make here so maybe you’ll be inspired too.  

I gotta say Heidi is one of the people I look after in the industry. She’s like a female version of Tim Holtz ha! 

Anyway, there’s that. I went a little crazy with all things Minc and foil but then again, can you blame me? lol

You can find more of Heidi Swapp’s products on her website www.heidiswapp.com

Have a great day!

Magic Heat

So, since falling for cardmaking, I noticed how “easy” it was to do magic with heat embossing and so I’ve watched many videos where they use heat embossing because I think it’s like magic, like many people say. But I hadn’t gotten any of the tools I needed to do some heat embossing myself…

Well, last night I was actually able to try it out and man am I hooked! I know it may not look like a lot but I think it’ll look great on a final card that I’ll post later on.

Therefore, without further adieu…


Tadaaaa! My first heat embossed sentiment! I cannot stress enough how much I LOVE this!!! I feel like a little 3-year old with a new toy!

(Sorry for the poor quality picture, I actually took this with my iPhone with very poor lighting).

Anyway, I know I got some static and that’s why you can see some of the embossing powder on the bottom there but hey it’s my first one. Also, I don’t have my powder tool yet but I shall have it soon.

I am also taking a class over at onlinecardclasses.com called HEAT WAVE that starts on June 11th I believe and I am really looking forward to leaning more about the magical heat *insert teeth smiling emoji* (you can find my proudly-worn badge at the end of this post for the class.

By the way, the powder I used for this first heat embossing attempt is from Ranger and it’s called Liquid Platinum. I have been following Jennifer McGuire’s (jennifermcguireink.com) posts lately and this is one of the powders she uses often and thought I’d give it try.

I also got myself a Heidi Swapp (heidiswapp.com) heat tool which is really pretty just because its white and gold but it’s also a good heat tool. The paper is also from one her paperpads.

I love following both of these ladies’ work for inspiration and techniques, but I’ll leave that for another post on who I look up to for inspiration.

So that’s that. Just wanted to share the excitement for heat embossing and how it has changed my crafty world forever jaja (cheesy but true). What do you think of heat embossing? Do you use it often in your projects?

Until next time,



Platonic love

I recently re-discovered my love for crafting and this time I am deciding to do it for a living. Yes, you heard that right. I am quitting my daytime job to work from home and do handmade goods for people to enjoy.

Two years ago I started doing handmade fabric bows and headbands for little girls and women who liked what I did. It was all going well until I stopped producing because of a life event that I’ll save for another post. It was one of those heart-breaking moments and it just took away any inspiration I had. So I went back to work on a temporary contract while I decided what to do with my small business. And now I am in the journey of re-starting the business and decided to start this blog to share some of the things that I make (papercraft-related).

A little about me:

I am a bilinguial gal, lover of all things handmade who is married and with an almost 6-month old baby who I adore and love like crazy. He is one of the reasons I want to do this for. So sometimes my posts might be in spanish and other times I will post in English, not to confuse anybody but just because that’s who I am lol. I’ll try to do both as much as possible though. Pinky swear 😉 I have always enjoyed doing crafty things and even have a platonic love for coloring and papercrafting. I live in Nicaragua, Central America (no it’s not in the continental US). I am talking about the Central America where Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama are (to name a few countries). My country is considered a third-world country but I really think that is changing. I also believe that we have the most amazing beaches and landscapes there are.

I recently fell in love with cardmaking, it was like love at first sight and one of those “so-glad-I-found-you” moments in my life. So I’ll be sharing some of the cards I make for you to be inspired to make your own. I buy most of my supplies from US stores because I like their designs and also make some of my own because, let’s be honest, there aren’t many spanish stamps out there. And most of my cards are going to go to spanish-speaking homes. I would like to not just create cards because of the business part though. I really want to transmit the love for handmade gifts and how special these things are because they are made with love. I love supporting local crafters and stores who offer products that are handmade because it is an art that people put time into. It’s not just some machine mass producing something. I try to make a few of one thing because of that reason too.

So there you have it. I am only here and on instagram for now as Crafty Charlie. My name is actually Karla (had I not mention that? jaja I’m sorry), but my dad’s nickname for me is Charlie,  so there’s that.

Thank you for reading this and if you have any ideas for me or recommendations I would appreciate them.

Have a great day!